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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

101 Things About Me

I was finally moved to do this after reading Nics and Southern Gals. I can’t believe that I got through this list so quickly. I could do another one of these easily.

  1. My sister, my daughter, and my birthday are all one week apart.

  2. I was raised by my grandparents.

  3. I have 85 first cousins.

  4. When I was a teenie bopper, I was highly infatuated with Michael Jackson. The only time I beat my sister in a fight is when she tore down my posters.

  5. Listening to my New Edition tapes got me through some hard times growing up.

  6. I used to be in a loose knit girl gang.

  7. I was a brawler.

  8. I had my last brawl at age 28.

  9. I changed when I got pregnant.

  10. I grew up in a rough neighborhood.

  11. I’ve seen two people get shot.

  12. I’ve saw three dead bodies in my neighborhood growing up.

  13. I got pregnant and gave birth to a baby by my first.

  14. I was in a physically abusive relationship when I was 16 and we were broken up before I turned 17. I would rather die than be afraid of a man. I still don’t understand how older women stay with me who beat them when I could leave one when I was young and naïve.

  15. I’m extremely picky when it comes to men. How they treat me is the most important factor to me.

  16. I won’t be bothered with a jealous man or one that doesn’t handle his business (ALL BUSINESS).

  17. I’ve never had a problem finding a decent man.

  18. When I was single for seven years it was by choice.

  19. I’ve turned down four marriage proposals.

  20. My husband and I are going on our 5th year of marriage.

  21. We’ve had less than 5 real arguments.

  22. None of our arguments have lasted over 5 minutes.

  23. We’ve never called each other a bad name or said anything to blatantly disrespectful or hurtful to each other.

  24. My husband is 7 years younger than me, but he’s an old soul.

  25. We can read each other thoughts.

  26. We can discuss other people without saying a word.

  27. I’m exceedingly judgmental, so if you don’t want my opinion, don’t ask or put it out there.

  28. I hate to be judged or criticized.

  29. I’m my own worst critic.

  30. I feel old.

  31. I purchased my first home when I was 19.

  32. I used to own rental homes.

  33. The older I get, the more phobias I get

  34. Fake nails gross me out now and I used to wear them all the time.

  35. They hold too much stuff down inside them. I think of all the bacteria in them.

  36. I hate to see people in sandals or flip flops with dirty feet.

  37. I constantly check mine to make sure they aren’t dirty…..LOL

  38. I won’t walk past a person if they sneeze. I’ll turn around and go there other way.

  39. I have a loud laugh.

  40. I’m very moody.

  41. I smile a lot.

  42. It’s hard for me to get angry and even harder for me to calm down.

  43. I’m a recovering shopaholic.

  44. I don’t work on anyone’s computer at home no matter how much money they offer me.

  45. I love my cat.

  46. I want a small lap dog, but I don’t think Moe (my cat) will let me.

  47. I love to cook.

  48. Lasagna is my best dish (I think)

  49. I’ve never tasted true slave food (chitlins, pig feet, pig tails, pig ears, cow tongue, hog maws, mountain oysters, etc).

  50. I won’t even try sushi.

  51. Ruth’s Chris is my favorite restaurant.

  52. I eat my steaks medium.

  53. Wendy’s is my favorite fast food restaurant.

  54. I love to travel.

  55. I have two trips booked to go to the Caribbean this year.

  56. I think Southern rap will be the end of hip hop. (Don’t believe me? listen to anything by DL4)

  57. TI, Luda,Young Buck, Trick Daddy and Outcast are the exceptions.

  58. I hate Young Jeezy.

  59. There are no female singers out now that I’m digging, not even Mary J.

  60. I want to buy a bigger house.

  61. I like being a home with nothing to do.

  62. I’m never bored when I’m at home.

  63. I enjoy being home alone.

  64. I want to move to Florida.

  65. I love gardening.

  66. I hate cold weather.

  67. I used to believe I would have more children.

  68. Now that my kids are older, I don’t want anymore children.

  69. I think faster than I type and I type pretty fast. That’s why I make so many typos because I leave out so many words.

  70. I rarely tell my kids no.

  71. I feel so blessed when it comes to my kids and husband.

  72. I see a lot of myself in both my kids.

  73. I don’t wear make-up to work everyday, only lip gloss.

  74. I don’t have time to put it on every morning.

  75. I’m addicted to weave.

  76. I’ve thought about getting locs, but something in me won’t let me do it.

  77. My natural hair isn’t permed.

  78. I’m struggling really hard with my weight.

  79. I used to be able to drop weight easily.

  80. My children are my greatest accomplishment.

  81. I believe that you can achieve anything if you really believe.

  82. I’m a struggling Christian.

  83. I got married the first time for religious reasons.

  84. I believe that Jesus was the son of Christ and I believe in him.

  85. Some of the contradictions in the bible bother me.

  86. I’ve never been in a church that felt 100% real to me. They all have an air of something that’s just not right.

  87. Gospel music touches something deep in my soul.

  88. Some TV preachers scare me. I can’t watch them.

  89. I’ve been addicted to the internet for over 10 years.

  90. I’ve had the same main email address for 10 years.

  91. I have five email addresses that I check daily.

  92. I didn’t eat red meat for 7 years (the whole time I was single).

  93. I don’t do drama.

  94. I’m neither Republican nor the Democrat; believe it or not there is not much difference between the two.

  95. I believe that Ronald Reagan was the worst thing to happen to Black people since slavery.

  96. I don’t buy into that whole Bill Clinton was the first Black president crap. I think Blacks give him too much credit, he never apologized for slavery did he?

  97. I think Bill was a good President, but not a good husband.

  98. I believe in some conspiracy theories. (New Orleans levies blown up, crack purposely put in the Black community, Kennedy and MLK assassinations, AIDS being man made, The United States being run by secret societies)

  99. I have a food fetish. My cabinets have to stay stocked or I panic.

  100. I’ve written many posts for my blog that I didn’t publish.

  101. I have an anonymous blog out there somewhere that I’ll never disclose.

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