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Monday, March 20, 2006

Well HOT DAMN!!!!

I haven't really been able to post in almost week. I also couldn't post comments on other blogs. I was totally jacked up. Now I work with servers, if I let a server stay down as long as the Blogger server was down I would be fired. Google makes too damn much money for this shyt! I mean I know I aint paying for this blog, but damn the disrespect. EVERYBODY else blog working but mine, humph! I've had so much to talk about, but it all escapes me now.....LOL.

Enough of my bytchin. Check out a couple of pics from my boy G's party a couple of weeks ago. I think I'm getting old because I don't enjoy partying as nearly as much as I did in my 20s. I'd rather belly up to a bar in the neighborhood, sip cosmos, and talk shyt with the locals. Clubbing actually bores me. I think it's because I've had a freakin ball, times that can't be duplicated, it's a different world now. Anhwho on to the picutes. I'll post more later (I know I always say that, but this time it really wasn't my fault, blame blogger.)

This is the crew and me chilling with Pittsburgh Steeler (and former Detroit LIons)quarterback Charlie Batch. Yeah we konw we look hot and greasy in this pictures, but in our defense it was 200 degrees in that place!

Charlie Batch is such a nice guy and a cutie too. Shoot, if it was 10 years ago, I might be making a different post about Charlie *wink*.

I had to give Tee her own picture since she was blocked out of the other one. Tee is so darn funny. Whenever we're out a we meet a cutie pie celebrity, she's the first one to snuggle in and get comfortable. I should start an internet rumor and say this is a picture of Charlie Batch and his wife....LOL. They do make a cute couple, don't y'all think so?

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