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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Hump Day Review

Yesterday I just had to have White Castle's for Dinner. I love those Jalepeno cheeseburgers. I ate three of them and now I have a severe case of the BGs (Bubble Guts). Those things are so good going down, but bad coming out. Why do they smell the same way coming out as they do going in? Something just aint right about these delicious little greasy burgers.

Another reason why I'm giving up clubbing. I snapped this picture last week while I was at Chucks Millionaires Club in Detroit celebrating my girl Skrawberry's birthday. I just can't take the past their prime hoodrats and then men who love them....LOL. Back in the day Chuck's used to be a place where a nice struggling girl could find a generous older "supporter", "booster", or "sponsor". It was a prime Suga Daddy spot, but now all you'll get there is a baby daddy. No thanks.....

Give me a nice bar or lounge and I'm straight.

I went to a meeting at my son's school for the track team, why did only THREE parents show up? There are 40+ kids on the team. I know some parents had to work , but damn.

I have to go to Rockford, IL this weekend. Is there anything fun to do there?

I did a little work on my blog roll. I shortened the blog names so they're easier to read an find, I also removed some dead links.

Check out the new chat box. I copied this from my buddy Mr. Deaky, that 's Mr. Freaky Deaky for y'all that don't know....LOL.

Blogger is still tripping a week later. Damn shame.

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