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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The RIP Post

Gordon Parks
1912 - 2006

This past week the African American Community lost a great man, Gordon Parks. I had heard Gordon Parks here and there growing up, but I stumbled upon his greatness by accident. I was dating this guy who lived out of town. He came to town one weekend and I was trying to impress him by showing culture. I decided to take him to the Detroit Institute of Arts because I had read about the Gordon Parks exhibit. I'm an art lover, but not an expert. I buy whatever I like and I can only interpet the meaning to me. One day, I'll post some of my favorite pieces. I know, I'm always promising shat....LOL. I have lots of art throught my house and even more in the basement, my love of art gives me my culture, because my musical tastes are in the gutter. Any who, back to Gordon. His photos BLEW me away! Very riveting and thought provoking.
Here's a short bio on Gordon Parks that doesn't do him justice:
Gordon Parks (Nov. 30, 1912- March 7, 2006) was a photographer, writer, film director, composer, and musician. His works document the 20th century and have been seen by millions of people around the world. Parks was the youngest of 15 children, born to impoverished parents in Kansas. Parks was the first African-American photographer to work at Life magazine and Vogue magazine. He wrote 12 books, produced many documentaries and Hollywood films (including Shaft), produced, directed, and scored a major Hollywood film (The Learning Tree, 1960), wrote a ballet about Martin Luther King (called Martin), and composed other music (including a symphony, a concerto, blues and other popular songs).

This one was called American Gothic. Taken in 1944.

Ali, of course

This is Mr Parks on a visit to Detroit Cass Tech High in 1999.

Mr. Parks Celebrating his 90th birthday with fellow photographers.

Mr. Parks directing Shaft.

Do youself a favor and learn more about about Gordon Parks and his work. I already have his memoirs on the way.

Check him out on Wikipedia

Check out the Gordon Parks Center

Check out his photography

I was going to make a small post about one of the greatest rappers of all time Mr. Christopher Wallace, but someone it didn't seem right on the same post as Mr. Parks. Biggie a life cut too short and Mr. Parks a long productive life.

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