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Thursday, January 12, 2006

7 Days and Counting....

I've been a terrible blogger lately. I've been busy being busy. I'm on the countdown, 7 days before I return to work and I have to take time to get myself physically and mentally ready. I've never taken any time off work besides vacation and the occasional sick day so this has been an adjustment for me. I don't understand how people live without a job or doing something fulfilling with their time. Sitting around watching TV all day sucks big time. Maybe I would feel differently if I wasn't recovering and if I had a ton money so I could spend my days doing things I enjoy like shopping and more shopping. Enough of hearing me whine. Let's take a look at some pictures.

Terrance this picture is not a good look. What's up with the hanging paw and the Twan expression? You know folks are quick to put you on the DL list. You see what happened to your boy 50 when he did the GQ photo shoot.

I doubt if I got ot the movies to see Latifah and LL's new movie this weekend. After Taxi, Queen can't get me in the theater again (man can I hold a grudge). I'll catch it on HBO. I just can't picture them two as lovve interest. Nope, not at all. This is a cool pic of them though.
TI and Bobby Brown looking like Tyrone Biggums.
Taye Diggs has on waaaayyy too much MAC studio fx. He looks like a damn mild dud.
Somebdoy needs to tell her about the wonders of a push up bra. Tichina tits look like to flat azz pancakes. Not a good look in a strapless dress, otherwise she looks great.
Speaking of tits, Star only has one. I've seen this picture before, but it cracks me up everytime I look at it. Overall it's a nice picture of her and Al.
Damn Shemar looks scrumptious in this picture. Who is that with him?
*Claps* Very nice Serena. I see you took my advice and got yourself some Kheri lotion and Olive oil. The airbrushing didn't hurt either.
Omarosa stretching out the last few seconds of her 15 minutes at Mary J.'s birthday bash.
Sallie Richardson-Whitfield and her husband Dondre Whitfield. I always thought she'd have a more successful career. Remember when he was Joan's sex addicted boyfriend on Girlfriends? He's on that show Jake in Progress. I always thought he was a cutie.
Robin Givens is proof that Black don't crack. Hate or lover her, she looks good. I can't think of this dude's name. He's a Super Male Model.
Just whe you thought Serena was trying to be classy, she turns around and gets trashy again. She knew this shirt was see through.
Queen Latifah is a really big girl or Halle is a really little girl. It's rare to see these to Cover Girls togher.
Janice Combs never disappoints the H.A.M. lovers. Ewwww!
Very nice picture from Lil Kim's pre-prison photoshoot. I like the original Lil Kim, but oh well.

I find this picture very offensive for some rason. I don't like getting my picture taken against my will.

Mariah doesn't look bad in this bikin shot. I think she just wears her clothes too little which makes her look bigger.
Forest Whitaker is a little hard on the eyes, but at least his wife is cute.
Remember Dominque Dawes, the olympic gymnast. She's all grown up now. She looks like she could be Nia Long's little sister.
Angela Basset is look awesome in this picture. Go on girl!
Jennifer Hudson is looking pretty homely these days. Maybe because she's standing next to B.
Venus is looking fabulous in this picture with Andy Roddick. I knew you could do it girl.

What ever happened to Kadeem Hardison? He haven't really been able to do anything steady since Dwayne Wayne and Chante dumped him.

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