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Monday, January 09, 2006

My Time On The Sofa Is Winding Down....

Soon I'll be back in the land of cubicles and water coolers wondering what time are we going to Starbucks so I can get myself a Carmel Macchiatto. Where did the time go? I can't believe I've literally sat on my azz for a month!

Healing is hard work people! The life of a coach potatoe is strenuous. We always have to know where the remote is and you have to keep a cold glass of something around. I know I'm a true coach potate because I'm addicted to Munchies and that can't be good. Believe it or not I've lost a few pounds.

Somebody spent a lot of time letting my girl MiMi have it. Mariah better watch it, she's only a twinkie away from going from thick to fat. Humph I got a lot nerves...LOL. I just want to know why does she have to rub all over herself when she sings, it's disturbing.

Ok, Mairah is on vacation. Why the fugg she have on those shoes? Nobody wears heels on vacation unless your going to the club. Where are you flip flops girl?

Ciarra really needs to find her own style. Girl you will NEVA EVA be Ms. Jackson. I can't wait until her 15 minutes are over. Next please!

The even talking abou her azz oversea how she's trying to be Baby Girl, that's Aaliyah to the clueless. Ciara will never get respect. She choose BowWow as a boyfriend after all.

I thought Rodney Jenkins azz was on a diet? I really want him to cut that curl out. I can't take it! We all know that aint your hair. (Damn I'm full of hate today)

Can y'all believe this is Vivica? She has straight jacked up her face! She looks like that plastic surgery nightmare lady that was on Oprah. I'll have to find a picture for y'al. Such a damn shame.

Tupac sister, Set Shakur. Pac was my boy so I'm not going to dog his sister, but y'all can.

Another shot of her.

Kelly, Beyonce, and Jay Z on vacation somewherew warm. Must be nice. Uh B,while you're out there partying, they got your shyt on at half price.

My whatever happened to today is Lisa Nicole Carson. I was watching Eve's Bayou and I was like"what the hell happened t her". I know she went crazy and err'thang, but so did Martin and he's still around. Holla if you know what she's up to.

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