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Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Beauty Shop

I went and got myself a fabulous weave today.  My little cousin hooked me up!  I’m gonna give her a proper shout out once I get the links and stuff to her website.  I’ve always thought of her as my “little” cousin, she’s just a couple of years older than my daughter so I never really let her do my hair.  I can’t stay out of the mirror!  I feel weavalicious.  

I had a really good time at the beauty shop today.  I usually avoid them like the plague.  I hate spending so much time waiting to get in the chair, but today I had a ball.  I got to kick it with my family and catch up on gossip.  My family mostly lives on the east side of Detroit and I don’t get to see them as often as I like.  We caught up on family gossip, ate some ribs, and just sat around and talked shyt.  It was cool.  

I’ve been letting the Africans hook my hair up for so long I forgot what it feels like to be in a “Sistah” shop.  There were some colorful characters up in that piece.  There was this one brother in there hawking his novels that he wrote about the streets of Detroit, my old neighborhood in fact. I told him I was going to give him a shout out.  Check him out at Alpha Male Publishing.  The brutha is self published so help him out if you can.  I’ll do a review for you when I read the books.

Well I have to get ready to go to a cabaret.  I forgot that’s a Detroit term so I’ll explain it to you folks tomorrow.


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