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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Shyt That Irritates Me......

I’m a happy go lucky life of the party most of the time, but I irritate easily. Here’s some things that make me want to snatch someone by the throat and squeeze every last drop of life giving oxygen out of them.

  1. TARDINESS! I know that I’m not the picture of punctuality, but damn can you make it to an event within two hours of it starting? We had a baby shower for my niece on Saturday, it started at 4:00pm. Why was there still people coming at 7:30? My family is actually on punishment from having events at my house because of their extreme tardiness, but I love my niece and I did it for her.

  1. LIARS! I have the gift to know when someone is lying to me. I get tired of calling people out on their lies because it just spawns more lies. Some people lie to kick it, if we’re cool, you don’t have to lie to me. I know it’s impossible to tell the truth 100% of the time for various reasons, but damn……

  1. CHEAP PEOPLE! Don’t bring your cheap ass to an event where a gift is expected talking about “I left the card at home” “I didn’t know what they wanted” blah blah blah. Stay your cheap azz at home if you can’t bring a gift. No one really want to see you without one……just being real. Another thing about cheap people that irritates me, why won’t they buy their own damn food! They’ll claim they’re not hungry, but eat all your shyt. This brings me to…..

  1. MAKING A PLATE TO TAKE HOME!!!!!! STOP IT PEOPLE! It’s not cool at all. If the event that you’re attending is not over and the host has not told you to it is ok to take a plate home, but down the damn foil and paper plates. You don’t know what plans people have for their leftovers. I’ve seen people daisy chain food out the door of an event. It is not that serious folks.

  1. WHINERS! So what this post is whiny, but damn I hate whiners. My whine tolerance has been very low lately. Just shut the fawk up and fix the problem (whatever it is) already.

  1. BEGGARS! My son is the biggest offender right now. Damn, leave me and my money alone!

  1. OLD JEWISH LADIES! I was at a deli counter today and it was some in back in my. OMG! How fawking annoying! I really hated those ladies. They were pushing, shoving, talking, trying to take cuts, etc. I had to swell up on them. I will slap an old lady…..LOL. J/K. Ok, I’m going to bed now…..LOL.


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