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Thursday, October 20, 2005


Welcome to my blog world. I've been an internet junkie for over 10 years. I love computers so much I've made it my career, but don't get it twisted I'm no geek, so don't be asking me about problems with your PC. Since we're just meeting each other I'll list 10 things you should know about me other than what I put in my profile.

1. I'm a very proud Sistah!
2. I don't proofread, so if I make a typo get over it!
3. I'm always right.
4. You can never win an argument against me (refer to #3).
5. I'm full of useless knowledge.
6. Vodka is my poison of choice.
7. Nothing is ever my fault (refer to #3).
8. Stupid people irritate me.
9. I only know one language, ENGLISH!
10. I love to read celebrity and politcal gossip.

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