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Monday, August 07, 2006

Hey Hey Hey....

What's going on Blogland?

I'm just chilling and enjoying these dog days of summer. Sitting here trying to soak up all the heat I can because before you know it will cold as a witches titty outside.

I had a lot of things that I've been thinking about blogging about, but when the time comes to do it, I don't feel like it or I forgot what I was going to say, so I'm just going to ramble on like I do sometimes and tell y'all what's up with me and mine.

Say a prayer for my grandmother, she's in the hospital. She's 96 years old and has been suffering with alzheimers for a long time now and if the GOD decides it's her time I'm ok with it because I know where she's going. She was the most amazing woman in the world and I love her dearly. She raised me as her own and loved me like she gave birth to me. I know she'll get extra diamonds in her crown when she makes it to heaven, because she always put others before herself. She raised 10 grandchildren besides her own 12. They don't make them like her anymore. I'm going to dedicate a full post to her one day as I have never really talked about her before. It's probably because I get so emotional.

I haven't posted this before because I didn't want anything to stop my daughter from being in this magazine. She was selected to appear along side Kate Moss in the September 2006 issue of W Magazine. I've been sitting on this for a couple of months and y'all know with my big mouth braggy butt I wanted to say summthin! Once the magazine comes out, don't worry I'm going to post all the pics, but here's one of her and Kate. BTW, Chanel said that Kate was the sweetest person you ever want to meet, nothing at all like they portray her in the media. She get upset when she reads bad things about her now. Hopefully my daughter will pic up some modeling gigs to help with some college expenses. Even with a scholarship, it's still expensive as hell. She's think like her mama so Ashley, Lane Bryant, Avenue, Baby Phat, Apple Bottom, holla at Ms. Nell!

Are you ready for some football? Dre will be starting as Cornerback and Reciever! He's also on kick return. The season kicks of August 25! Oh yeah!

Our 5 year wedding anniversery is coming up. I can't believe that I've been with my husband for SEVEN years! My how time flies. We're going to do two things to celebrate. We're going to Niagra Falls (the Canadian side) to celebrate on the actual day and in Novemeber we're going on a one week cruise. I'm so lucky to have found someone that loves and accepts me for what I am. I know I take my husband for granted sometimes, I really need to do better because he's a good man and we know how hard they are to find these days.

Ugh, my family has pissed me off so bad, I don't want to attend my family reunion. I'll post about it sometime in the near future. Trifling bastards.....

I'm wearing a really long weave right now. I must get it cut. Everytime I look in the mirror I see Rick James and I can't take it. Some folks have calling me black Cher. I see layers in my future.

Oh yeah, my new nickname is Haterlicious. I'm a hater and I'm damn proud of it if being hater means keeping it real.....LOL. My son gave me the nickname.

My husband and I are thinking about adopting a baby. I just don't think it's a need to have a baby when there are so many Black kids without homes and the fact that I don't want to be pregnant, nothing is fun or cute about that. I know it's a some women out there that like it, I aint one! This whole baby thing Is Tee's fault. My husband held her too cute daughter and it warmed his heart. I'm might have to keep Reaghan so he can see what happens when cute babies go bad. I think one episode of colic might cure this need for a baby.....LOL. Seriously, let me know if you guys have any GOOD stories about adoption.

The devil is a liar! He's trying to get me to eat at that delicious $5 Soul Food place that has opened up near my house. Get back Satan!

Well, I think that's enough for now. I'm tired because I was stuck on the Detroit Princess until 1:00 AM a hair show my cousin was doing. Hot Ghetto Mess was in full effect and I forgot the memory card for my camera. I do have a question, ok a couple of questions. Why do women strip dance on the dance floor by themselves when it's not that type of party, are they not embarrassed? When did it become ok to show the chitlins on your stomache? I don't want anyone seeing my stretch marks, but there are waaaaayyyy too many women that don't care. Just nasty! (is that hating?)

Haterlicious Out!


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