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Monday, August 14, 2006

Could It Be........

That the Vivica we all know and love is back? I'm so happy for her. She needs to learn that good black don't crack. It's ok to get your breast lifted, tummy tucked, etc, but leave you damn face ALONE! Glad to see you back Viv, now if we can just help Lil Kim.....

She really looks like the old Vivica Fox on the picture with Danity Kane. Diddy is so original, two white girls, two blacks, and a Latino....hmmmm
Do y'all remember that other reality show group, Eden's Crush?

They are like a remix of them! Y'all know I aint lying!

Who is this blind item?

She was married with kids and a well known group member in a very
popular group. She started missing performances due to her crack habit.
Her addiction got so out of control, her husband left her and relatives
threatened to take her kids unless she straighten up. This out of
character behavior may stem from her childhood. She came from a big
family and her father molested all the kids (boys and girls) and he
made them do things with each other while her church going mother
looked the other way. After a few relapses, she's trying to keep her
life on track and she's taking one day at a time.

That's it for today kids. I'm off to bed!


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